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Directorate of Buildings it one of the Ministry of Housing and Construction offices, its the governmental party that is responsible for executing projects of investment plan and general state budget in public building sector by contracting with governmental companies or companies of private sector (Iraqi , Arabian and Foreigners) the state commission for building has a resident engineering offices which supervisor and monitors , check all executing work and quality according to conditions and specifications and approved bill of qualities through highly experience engineering staff in all specializations (Architecture , construction , electrical , mechanical and sanitary) in all governorates of Iraq.

Duties of The state commission for buildings according to the internal system

Executing projects that assigned to the state within annual investment plan through the governmental companies or experience offices or Iraqis Arabs foreigner contractor.
supervise on the progress of work in projects that assigned to the state and follow up by ongoing and present periodic reports of their own
take orders that belongs to the projects assigned to the stat financially and technically through its authorities
give the technical advice to the governmental side that the stat responsible for executing their own projects